The Whispers

Client: ABC Studios / DMD

The Brief
ABC approached us to originate a creative campaign to launch their new show, The Whispers, to a UK audience, generating awareness for the series and driving views on partner platforms.

The Work

The client wanted a campaign that would appeal to both their core ABC audience, as well as introduce the show to a wider UK audience. We originated a thrilling and suspenseful key art that teased the ‘mystery’ elements of the series.

We then rolled out this look and feel across the trailer, digital escalator panels and various social assets including cinemagraphs, a Facebook Canvas and YouTube pre-rolls.



  • We created an intriguing 30-second trailer focusing in on the children’s relationship with their ‘imaginary friend’ and the very real consequences of the games they play with him.


Digital Escalator Panels

  • We executed an enigmatic creative that used symbols from the show, and teased the key art and tagline. The creative appeared at 10 sites across the London Network, including main Underground and National Rail stations.



Client: ABC Studios / DMD

Audio Visual