Zubrowka ASDA hotspot

Client: Zubrowka

The brief

When Polish vodka makers Zubrowka had the opportunity to take over the ‘hotspot’ space in ASDA’s biggest stores, they approached us to design an on-shelf glorifier to capture shoppers’ attention in this often crowded and challenging category.

The work

Zubrowka’s key USP is the rare bison grass, which is used to infuse the vodka. We designed and built a display that not only heroed the bottle, but also highlighted the liquid’s key ingredient and why it’s used. We also incorporated an education piece that communicated the brand story and perfect serve.

The display achieved fantastic stand out on shelf in a crowded category, capturing shoppers’ attention, and resulting in a 68% uplift in sales across the estate. The display also accounted for 21% of total brand volume sales during the time it was in-situ.

Client: Zubrowka

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