Downton Abbey

Client: Universal Pictures International

In 2015, the sixth and final season of Downton Abbey aired on UK screens, bringing one of the nation’s best-loved dramas to a close.

The Brief
To make season 6 of Downton Abbey the most successful DVD and Blu-ray release of the franchise, with an uplifting, celebratory campaign that encouraged consumers to complete their Downton Abbey collection by owning the final season.

The Work


  • Ahead of the season 6 screen date, we cut a trailer from the first three episodes of the new season. Since we had no visibility of the story beyond episode 3, we chose create a trailer with a ‘must own’ sentiment as the theme, highlighting that this was the final season, and ensuring the overall tone had the feelgood factor in order to drive purchase.
  • We also created a trailer to celebrate the complete series, paying homage to the hugely successful franchise with selected clips from over 60 episodes, spanning all six seasons. The end result was a trailer that recapped and celebrated fans’ favourite and most memorable Downton Abbey moments.


  • Ahead of the final episode, which aired on Christmas Day, we were tasked with cutting a ‘no spoilers’ TV spot that advertised the special release on DVD and Blu-ray, while maintaining the celebratory, feelgood tone of the overall campaign.

The Results

Season 6 sales increased 19% week-on-week compared to Season 5, and the Christmas special sold twice as many units compared to the 2014 Christmas special

Client: Universal Pictures International

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