Lifesaving TV

Client: Disney DMD / ABC Studios

The Brief

Following the success of previous on-demand campaigns, ABC Studios approached us to originate a new concept that promoted the range of medical dramas available on ABC Studios On Demand.

We created ‘Lifesaving TV’ – a digital campaign that focused on all the heartbreaking, feelgood and explosive moments that make ABC Studios’ shows irresistible.

The Work

Using 60” and 30” promos, and targeted digital placements, we highlighted the compelling storylines and characters available to consumers on demand. We then channeled the key themes into bespoke 20” social spots, which allowed us to tailor the campaign by audience.

We also developed a range of static shareables, which highlighted iconic scenes from the shows, to engage both new and existing fans. We also localized the campaign across four European territories.

Client: Disney DMD / ABC Studios

Audio Visual